Morning Links: Do You Dare To Continue?

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Reebok Broke, Reebok Broke: Company Agrees To Pay $25 Million In Toning Shoe Refunds – R.I.P., Reebok, I will always remember you in your better days, when you tried to sell me shoes by having Shawn Kemp dunk on a robot in a game of Killer Instinct and then scream to destroy him. [Smoking Section]

Today’s Column: How Moneyball the Movie Became the Opposite of Moneyball the Concept – I still haven’t seen this. I’m a bad sports blogger. I’m going to try to recreate the experience by sitting in a pitch black room and listening to an A’s game on the radio. [Film Drunk]

Jose Canseco And Octomom Sitting In A Tree – In case you missed it yesterday, the Octomom is probably the most legitimately weird person to ever be famous for something, and Jose Canseco thinks he’s good at fighting people, but he isn’t. Also, lol Coolio. [With Leather]

How Many Awkward Patrick Swayze Jokes Are in ’50/50′? – I love you, Anna Kendrick, like a real, lasting love, so I’m going to go see this movie you’re in, and you have to repay me by being super nice to me should we ever meet. Not weird-nice, just pleasant and happy, because Lord, I sat through this movie. [Moviefone]

Here Are The Nick Offerman High School Yearbook Photos Ron Swanson Fans Have Been Clamoring For – Nick Offerman isn’t a real person. I’m convinced Ron Swanson is a S1mone situation and his high school yearbook pictures are just part of the false memories. [UPROXX]

The Most Ridiculous Covers of Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane – Comic books were awesome as hell before people like Judd Winick grew up and got put in charge of them. [Gamma Squad]

Creepily Specific, Poorly Made ‘Simpsons’ Cosplay to Haunt Your Dreams – I don’t do the “well, gonna have nightmares!” joke a lot, so please know it is not a joke when I say this is going to give me nightmares. Jesus Christ. [Warming Glow]

Meme Watch: Pug On A Slide Wins The Internet Today – Pretty sure this would win the Internet on any day. I get worried for pugs when they’re trying to walk forward, much less when they’re put on playground equipment. [UPROXX]

Awesome Quotes From 11 Famous Writers On Censorship – Important words to share with you from a website where the Dockers people will get mad and pull their ads if I type the f-word without stars over the U and C. [Buzzfeed]

The Road to Juggalo Recovery – I outlined the steps to recovery in yesterday’s Morning Links, but I’ll add a fourth: if you’re in public, put on a shirt. [Adult Swim]

Popeye’s Scoop Shaped Dippable Fried Chicken Is a Real Thing – “What part of the chicken is a NUGGET??” the commercials ask. I don’t know, what part of the chicken is the “popcorn”? What part of the chicken comes out looking like a Frito, you psychopaths? [The Daily What]

28 Hi-Def Calvin and Hobbes Wallpapers – Just because. [Unreality]

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