Morning Links: Friday the 13th, Like In That One Movie

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05.13.11 4 Comments

I couldn’t find any images from the movie I was thinking about, so I used this picture of Ben Roethlisberger instead. Close enough!


VIDEO: Most Ridiculous Swedish Condom Commercial Ever Features Rabbits Dressed Like Hockey Players – As an ethical vegan, I do not approve of animals being dressed up and made to do things they have no say in doing. As a person on the Internet, I am going AHHH CUTEEE and hitting the play button. Also, I’m not convinced that in-real-life Mike Keenan wasn’t just a big rabbit this whole time. [BroBible]

Bernard Hopkins Says Donovan McNabb Isn’t Black – You know who else isn’t black? Dan Marino. Yeah, I said it. [Urban Daily]

Is The ‘Stud Back’ Dying? A Statistical Study Of How The Modern NFL Uses Running Backs – Jon makes a series of informative graphs while I sit here trying to figure out how to make squares in MS Paint. A great read. Question of the day: What is the most SB Nation question of all time? [SBN]

Comical Clones: 25 Athletes That Resemble Childhood TV Characters – Friday the 13th is the only time I’m ever going to link you to something on Bleacher Report. If you want to read their featured articles, type the word “the” into Google. The first 45 links should be from Bleacher Report, and they’re all about the same thing. And it barely has anything to do with the word “the.” []

Not Sports

The Ten Best TV Episodes of the 2010-11 Season – Reposting this link in the hope that it will be amended to include Community’s season finale. For those of you on Tumblr mumblng about how you “expected so much more” and thought the episode was “meh,” you need to put down your DS when TV is on, because “Cougar Town” showed up, Magnitude got a touching death scene and Donald Glover did Platoon. What’s wrong with you? [Warming Glow]

A Gallery of Batmen Getting Arrested – More like a “rogues gallery” of Batman Getting Arrested, am I right? [Gamma Squad]

Bad News: Sitting Is Killing You – Welp, thank goodness I just got a job blogging for eight hours a day! Sitting kills you, moving kills you, all food kills you. Toxins in the air and water kill you. Hey scientists, guess what? We have a finite life span. Biologically and philosophically, everything that happens is leading to our death. Please start doing actual science k thnx [Smoking Jacket]

Random Netflix: The “Worse Than Tyler Perry” Edition – There is only one thing better than a manipulative, melodramatic movie aimed at an African-American audience: a manipulative, melodramatic movie aimed at an African-American audience with Mr. Brown in it. Mr. Brown is on that short list of “mark photos I have to take before I die” alongside Gospel Bill, Miyako Matsumoto and Mr. Met. [Smoking Section]

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