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04.25.11 10 Comments

Those are vegan links, by the way, which is why they look like they were freshly squeezed out of a dog’s butt. I’m Brandon Stroud, and for those of you who don’t know me, I’m your editor and paradigm-shifter at With Leather. I co-created The Dugout and have written everywhere from the Village Voice to Deadspin to (not a porn site, I swear). “What makes you qualified to run a sports blog?” you might ask. Well, I don’t eat meat, my favorite hobby involves watching men pretend to fight in their underwear, and my favorite movies are either cartoons or Roman Holiday. So I guess the answer is “f**k if I know.”

If you’re going to run screaming away from me, here is a collection of Internet-style hyperlinks to other paragraphs of interest. The most important link is the Acknowledgements of Punte, who made this site awesome for two years. I know it’s the post below this one, but I’m linking it anyway. Josh, you’re an awesome guy and will be missed, even though you’ll still be writing here regularly-to-semi-regularly.

Sports Links:

Sports Cards For Insane People: Score’s Early ’90s ‘Dream Team’ Subset – Jon Bois is one of the funniest guys on the Internet, and I’m not just saying that because I lived with him for a year and have been writing Dugouts with him for seven. Jokes about baseball cards, Casper Van Dien and Watchmen, as only Jon can deliver. [SB Nation]

Regress to the Meaningful – Jason Fry regularly accomplishes a scientific impossibility — making the New York Mets interesting, compelling and philosophically important. If the sports-o-sphere is a baseball team, Fry and Greg Prince are our Maddux and Smoltz. Or, to put it in Mets terms, our Doc Gooden and somebody else who pitched for the Mets when they were good. [Faith and Fear]

The Dugout: Luck Be a L.A.dy – I know it’s on our site, but click it anyway. This is Nick Dallamora’s return to writing Dugouts, and chances are I’m going to shill him to you even if he writes “durrr im nick” on my forehead in magic marker. [The Dugout]

Will U.S. Online Poker Players Get Their Money Back? – Sure, poker isn’t really a sport, and online poker is even less of one. Saying online poker is a sport is like saying I’m an athlete because I play a lot of Lunar Pool. Writing is a sport, though, and Robopanda’s analysis is worth a look. [Uproxx]

Not Sports:

Who Did It Better: Original or Remake? – Little known fact: former With Leather writing Matt Ufford currently runs a blog about, get this, television! Here’s an article from his site by Josh comparing and contrasting TV shows and their inevitable remakes. Shows not included: “Sanford and Son” is better than the British version, “The Cape” is better than “Greatest American Hero,” and “The Brady Bunch” whomps the Hell out of “Step by Step.” [Warming Glow]

Antoine Dodson Arrested – The “Bed Intruder” sensation was arrested for possession of marijuana. And you know, every funny guy who reports this is all “Hide your pot, hide your weed, they arrestin’ errbody out here!” about it, but I think a simple “You Are Really Dumb” would’ve sufficed. [Fark]

99 Hilarious, Ironic and All-Around Strange Church Signs – Some jerk named “Burnsy” collected nearly 100 of the corniest roadside church signs and put them in one big gallery for your amusement. Not for my amusement: growing up in the part of the country where all these signs get put up. [Uproxx]

244 Step Rube Goldberg Time Machine Sets World Record – Pretty cool and fun to watch, but sorta ruined because you KNOW f**king OK Go was in there somewhere trying to film a crappy viral video around it. [Gamma Squad]

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