Morning Links: He’s Heating Up

Boomshakalaka! The nail in the coffin?


The NBA Finals: 10 Points To Watch – Point one, how many nicknames for Dirk Notwitzki can you come up with while watching? Sports writers can come up with INFINITY. Point two, when writing a recap of the games, how many times can you point out that the Heat seem like nice guys, even though they’re being portrayed as the league’s villains? [Smoking Section]

World’s First BMX Triple Backflip – Witness a first for action sports. Of course, saying “action sports” is like saying “jump diving,” but this is pretty cool. I think BMX clips, win or fail, are 90% people going AOOHHHHH. [Buzzfeed]

Dad Drops His Daughter to Catch Foul Ball – We would’ve covered this on Monday, but if you haven’t seen it yet, watch as this dumb jerk completely sacrifices his kid to go for a foul ball. Maybe this is one kid that won’t grow up yelling BALL, BALL, BALL, BALL, BALL at players during games. [Fark]

Productive Outs – A baseball blog. I call them Baseblogs™! And I’m totally not linking it here just because they’ve got an interview with me going up in a couple of hours. Nope! [ProductiveOuts]

Not Sports

Blake Lively is Naked – Oh no, somebody stole Blake Lively’s phone, then used it to hack into her Twitter account and computer, and her computer had photoshop on it so they used NON-nude pictures to make fake nude ones! That’s what happened, not “Blake Lively is hot as sh** and took naked pictures of her perfect everything.” [WWTDD]

First Three Minutes Of ‘True Blood’ S4 – Does it involve monsters and buttf**king? If it doesn’t, it isn’t on HBO! [Warming Glow]

The United States Of Stereotyping: Sifting Through A Viral Gold Mine – These kinds of things are helpful, as I’ve lived in Texas for just under a year and 12 years of King of the Hill didn’t teach me enough about local stereotypes. Delaware’s representative movie being Wayne’s World is pretty awesome. [Uproxx]

Newest Fad: Movie-Themed Food Trucks – Want to see what it looks like when Burnsy gets 500 comments on a post? Too inconsiderate to make that happen here? Check out Movie-Themed Food Trucks! [Film Drunk]

The Top 25 Alternate Versions of Batman – Hopefully when they reboot all the titles back to #1 over the summer we’ll find out more about Batman’s origin story. I understand something bad happened to his parents? [Gamma Squad]