Morning Links: He’s Wearing a Cubs Hat, That’s Sports

We’re starting a “Friday morning links have nothing to do with sports” tradition, so here’s the opening credits of the TV adaptation of “Uncle Buck,” starring Kevin Meaney as a “walking New Year’s Eve who wears his heart on his sleeve.” The best part is that the parents are dead. I don’t remember the show very well, but you know those kids would be totally fine until the end, when they’d shoehorn in a “we just miss mom and dad!” and Uncle Buck would get all maudlin and the Full House music would play, and it would end with everyone clapping and everything being fine again.

What was I talking about?

Oh, right, Uncle Buck. Yeah, he flips a giant pancake just like in the movie, so you know this is shoot Uncle Buck and not some Filmation rip-off. After you’re done watching this and sending it to all of your friends, continue to the morning links.

Not Sports (Sorry)

MEME WATCH: Dogs Eating Pasta? Dogs Eating Pasta – One of my favorite things about being alive is that face dogs make when they’re eating something other than dog food. This is a gallery full of that. I tried feeding pasta to my cat and taking a picture, but he kept walking forward and pushing his nose into my camera. [Uproxx]

Crosby, Nash, & (Jimmy Fallon’s) Young – The best impression nobody needs gets even better with the addition of David Crosby and Graham Nash. C’mon, Stephen Stills, you’re being the Ringo. [Warming Glow]

A Video Collection of People Taking Balls to the Face – In a peaceful accord with the Internet, we present to you a bunch of America’s Funniest Home Videos without the Bob Saget narration. Man, that’s really all it took to make the Internet a thing, wasn’t it? Get rid of Danny Tanner. I still can’t picture a dog without thinking “pushing a rock pushing a rock pushing a rock pushing a rock” [Smoking Jacket]

Chewbacca Bento Box – Not as cool (or appropriate) as the Totoro bento boxes, but cool nonetheless. I wish I had a nerdy artist parent who made me things like this when I was little so I wouldn’t have appreciated them until now. [Buzzfeed]

Also Not Sports

The 13 Best Lawyers in Comic Books – I’ve got to call bullsh** on this one. The Living Tribunal three spaces below Foggy f**king Nelson? That’s like making a list of influential human beings and putting Jesus Christ behind Cee Lo. [Topless Robot]

Waterslide Inferno – If you’re the type that likes playing video games with the left and right buttons on your keyboard, this is a pretty fun one. It’s got that Paperboy vibe, where you keep failing at it, but something makes you keep playing. I just want to see what’s at the bottom (I hope it’s a park full of stunt ramps). [Adult Swim]

Hangover 2 Review: Pretty Good For A Monkey-Sploitation Picture – Vince’s review of a sequel nobody seems to be enjoying. For a counterpoint review, make sure to also check out Will Letich’s at Yahoo Movies. [Film Drunk] [Yahoo Movies]

The 20 Worst Jay-Z Songs – Who’d have thought a guy who calls himself Jehovah would’ve made so many mistakes? I want to do the “20 worst Kanye West” songs as a follow-up and just have it be his rapping parts from “E.T.” 20 times. [Smoking Section]