Morning Links: I For One Welcome Our New Commenting Overlords

Welcome to day one of With Leather’s “Make People Say Stuff” Initiative, where we stop openly begging you to comment on posts throughout the day and try to lure you into an Inception’d sense of commenting urgency with a new social set-up, complete with incentives and, once we figure out what to give you, WONDERFUL PRIZES. Couple that with our free fantasy football game (click the busty cheerleaders above or below this post) and we’re basically the ATM of websites. Consider “being interested in things” as your $5 usage charge.

The current features of the new commenting system are:

– Signup using Facebook or Twitter

– Universal login on any Uproxx site

– User Profiles — comments made on any Uproxx site are

aggregated on your profile

– Profile Avatars — use your Facebook, Twitter or a custom avatar

– Clickable avatars — shows mini profile with recent comments

And, if that wasn’t enough, Coming Soon:

– Direct messaging

– Threaded replies to comments

– Commenting awards and badges

So it’s pretty cool. Hop down into the comments here and let us know what you think, because hey, the way we give out rewards is random at this point and I might decide to give you a gift. Just kidding, I’m giving it to Upstate Underdog.


Brandon McCarthy Of The Athletics Knows What The Dugout Is – In one of the most important moments of my creative life, a guy who plays baseball likes my baseball comic. Unbelievable. Turns out all I had to do was hate a player everyone hates already! [@BMcCarthy32]

New ‘Justified’ Villains Cast! – Anne Hathaway in a leather suit! Tom Hardy with a jockstrap on his face! [Warming Glow]

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First Avengers Trailer Is Finally Here – This, combined with the joke I made in this week’s Best and Worst of Raw, is going to make me go to BuyBacks and buy A Love Song For Bobby Long, or as I like to call it, Scarlett Johansson Smoking: The Movie. [Gamma Squad]

23 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Mormon – Hold on, Julie from ‘The Real World’ is a Mormon? No way. [Buzzfeed]

TV Chef Claims Eating Puppy Meat Is No Worse Than Pork – I’m sure this’ll get met with a dismissive wank by the “lol bacon” crowd, but there you go. Also, I don’t know if you noticed it, but eating shrimp is like eating wet cockroaches. [FARK]

Paula Deen Flirts With Matt Lauer – Not as good as the “Giada de Laurentiis Flirts With Brandon Stroud” story I wrote in my sleep last night. [AOL TV]

Restaurant Customer Leaves Negative $2 Tip and Tells the Waitress to Lose Weight – Or as it was originally titled, “facetious dickhead now hilarious to facetious dickheads on Internet”. [The Daily What]

Fun with Penis Confusion: Comparing Alison Brie’s Cleavage to Joel McHale’s Buttcrack – With a close enough proximity to Alison Brie, I really wouldn’t care if that was Joel McHale’s buttcrack. [Pajiba]

Most Likely the Nerdiest Tattoo on the Planet – The guy with the Hulk Hogan Flexing backpiece gently weeps. [Unreality]