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Yesterday was a strong day of traffic at With Leather thanks to an appearance by Kate Upton playing baseball in little shorts. Unfortunately, Kate spent her Monday evening chilling out, eating celery sticks or whatever and watching the Home Run Derby on the 2,000 inch flatscreen in [insert billionaire rapper industrialist here]’s private jet, so we don’t have another gallery. However, the Internet doesn’t work in real time and these pictures are great even if you’ve flipped through them already, so support your local website and pretend like you had no idea who she was until you clicked the following link.

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Kate Upton, Erin Andrews, and the Best of the MLB Celebrity Softball Game – What’s weirder, how less hot Erin Andrews becomes when she’s standing beside Kate Upton and Jennie Finch, or Andy from “Parks and Recreation” without facial hair? Dude looks like a thick Stephen Dorff, I don’t know if I can handle it. Also, couldn’t somebody drag Aubrey Plaza to this thing? I want to see her swing a bat. |With Leather|

NBA Lockout Report: Paul Pierce, High Stakes Poker Player – Hopefully Pierce has linked his PSN to the Rockstar Social Club and obtained the Gentleman’s Attire, allowing him to get into the high stakes poker games at Blackwater Hotel. To make this joke even better, Pierce should change into his Miami Heat outfit before the next game so LeBron and Wade won’t show aggression toward him until he tries to score. |Smoking Section|

Today’s 25 Most Successful Comedy Actors by Winning Percentage – Winning percentage is a sports thing! But it’s pretty unfair to start Danny McBride at Pineapple Express, considering how awesome he was in All the Real Girls. “I know that albóndiga is meatball soup. Uh, dios is…” |Pajiba|

K-Swiss Kenny Powers Ad Campaign – Speaking of Danny McBride, I realized the other day that I’ve inadvertently collected nearly his entire filmography. The Foot Fist Way, Observe and Report, Up in the Air, Hot Rod, All the Real Girls … I just need to justify owning a copy of Land of the Lost and I’m set. Hey, I hear they put a bunch of adult situations into a thing meant for kids. LOL! |Warming Glow|

Not Sports

Marine Asks Mila Kunis to Marine Corps Ball, She Accepts – I like to think Mila Kunis in real life is just her character in Black Swan, young and beautiful and passionately perfect at everything. Oh, and also when I’m having sex with her backstage I get to freak out and pretend she’s Natalie Portman. Mila Kunis is awesome. |Film Drunk|

New Rebecca Black Single Dropping Soon. You’ve Been Warned – It’s gonna be hilarious to see the Internet justify their “meh, underwhelmed” and “sophomore slump” talking points about a girl they only supported because she was terrible. I hope the new song is like, Lady Gaga “Monster” good and blows us out of the water. That’s the only way this can work. |UPROXX|

Nerd Beats Super Mario Bros. with Lowest Score Possible – A testament to how good this game is: 30 years later we’re still finding ways to play it. This is still nowhere near as funny as Hamid’s Super Mario Bros. speed run.|Topless Robot|

The Best of Wonder Woman Cosplay – Gonna use this to try out my “the rest of Uproxx” headline. Best of Wonder Woman Cosplay? Best of Wonder Woman Cosplay. Hey, that’s fun! |Gamma Squad|