Morning Links: Leon “Bip” Roberts

Pro Wrestling Editor

Here is a picture of “Leon Joseph” Bip Roberts wearing a sombrero. Bip played for over thirty Major League teams during his thirteen year career, including four in Mexico, which is where this picture was taken. He was an All-Star once, possibly by accident. On the list of “most steals in baseball history,” Bip appears. He is not dead or anything, so don’t get the wrong idea.


Baseball’s Patron Saint Of Journeymen – And hey, speaking of Bip Roberts, here’s an SB Nation poll about journeyman in which I participated. I’m counting this as “writing for SB Nation”, so if you add that to my four years at FanHouse and the 40,000 copy-paste jobs somebody’s done on me at Bleacher Report, I’ve written for nearly every major sports blog! [SBN]

Jesse Crain’s side after being hit with an Adrian Gonzalez line drive – To quote The Goonies, holy Mary mother of God. And here I thought being able to see somebody’s boot laces in my side during wrestling school was bad. Pretty sure you can see The Lord if you look at this long enough. [Productive Outs]

How ‘Bout Them Waterapples? – I’d make fun of this Patriots-themed watermelon more, but I once carved a jack-o-lantern to look like Frightmare. Making festive football-themed melons would be a great job for a woman in a Judd Apatow movie, assuming she USED to do it, but lost her confidence along the way. [KSK]

Dwight Howard Talks Twitter, Fans & The Future – Well, he does. Smoking Section is awesome, and the only place on Uproxx you can type “nigga” in the comments section and not look like a total asshole. [Smoking Section]

Not Sports

Put Down Your Pokédex : The Best of Misty Cosplay I never had a thing for Misty (she was annoying, and like 13, right?) but this gallery is surprisingly outstanding. Be careful, though, because it sort of devolves into the worst of Misty cosplay by the end. First girl can get it. [Gamma Squad]

TV Gourmet: The Good Morning Burger and Other TV Food – Watch as the chefs at Warming Glow prepare food items they’ve seen on television. I’d do something like that here, but I can’t even make myself try all those new Mountains Dew. [Warming Glow]

Darren Aronofsky Pitching a Gritty Reimagining of Evan Almighty – My favorite director is making a Noah’s Ark movie, and hopefully it’ll be just like “Many Waters”. Am I the only person to have ever read that? Ah well, I’m going to do with this what I do to all of his movies: hate the concept, think it looks dumb, go see it opening weekend, think it’s the most amazing thing ever. [Film Drunk]

Let Me Introduce You to the Ocarina of Rhyme – Let me introduce you to what’s going to be playing in my car for the next six weeks. [UnrealityMag]

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