Morning Links: Me, For Some Reason

I’m entering my second month as editor of With Leather, and I don’t think the readership totally understands me. I’ve gotten a few criticisms for “trying too hard,” which is sort of like your parents telling you you’re “being smart” in the realm of things to worry about. But I do try too hard, just in general, so I’m going to take a step back to refocus by repeatedly linking you to interviews with me and begging you for your support. I’m wiling to put 100 pages of a nude lady on one big ass page that loads even if you don’t click it if you’ll start enabling me.

I’m going to try less hard to be funny. I’m halfway through Season 6 of “King of Queens” right now, so I’m picking up some great material, and I think I’ll be fine.


Brandon Stroud: The Interview – Productive Outs did an interview with me, and I tried to be entertaining. Read closely for my thoughts on Kyle Farnsworth, veganism, and professional wrestling. You know, if you don’t read With Leather, because that’s basically all I ever talk about. [Productive Outs]

A Dish Served Cold: Michael Jordan’s 10 Most Memorable Revenge Games – One thing Michael Jordan doesn’t get praised for enough is his chilling, narcissistic heartlessness. Relive most of his classics, including that game when he stabbed Chris Webber for doing a lay-up. [Smoking Section]

New Evel Knievel Biopic Makes a Leap to Big Screen – Based on a book called “The High-Flying Life of Evel Knievel: American Showman, Daredevil, and Legend,” so you know they’ll call the movie “Showman.” Why can movies only have one or two words, and book titles have to have 50? I want to read Moby Dick, not “Call Me Moby Dick: The Story of Captains, Savages, and a Whale of a Tale!” [Moviefone]

Colombian Women Love Pole Dancing – When pole dancing is not respected, you’ve got to TAKE IT TO THE STREETS. These women are like the sexiest Improv Everywhere ever, and as a bonus I don’t want to kill myself every time I see them. []

Not Sports

The Best of X-Men Cosplay – The “best of X-Men cosplay” should just be a YouTube video of X-Men: The Last Stand in its entirety. Seriously, they had a guy yelling “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch” and the best part was Multiple Man having a semi-accurate shirt. [Gamma Squad]

Are These Alleged Nude Photos of Blake Lively Real? – Yes, if you look at them using your physical eyeballs and not your Internet third eye. When the rep statement about how they’re fake includes a few sites you can go to to look at them, you know they’re real. “These pictures OF Blake aren’t of Blake Lively, actress!” [BroBible]

A Golden Treasury Of Planking – I wish Idiocracy hadn’t been so prophetic. Here’s the coolest thing a person can do these days, “lying down while looking stupid.” Planking is for fitness, not for lulz. [Uproxx]

Steven Seagal To Host Blues Festival With His Band, Thunderbox – I hope Seagal was involved in the naming of that band. I just love the idea of him sitting in a cabin in his kimono, sipping steaming hot tea, looking concerned until he stands up, knocking over the tea to yell “THUNDERBOX! THAT’S IT!” [Film Drunk]