Morning Links: MMA Appreciation Day

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.06.11 2 Comments

I feel like we may’ve gotten off on the wrong clubbed foot with our new readers from Friday, so I want to dedicate an entire day to them. Today will be nothing but MMA coverage, from The Ultimate Fighter to UFC to our personally organized backyard hobo battles. Of course, by “today” I mean the first two links in today’s morning links, then probably nothing.


TUF 13 Finale GIF: My God, How Did Danny Downes Not Tap to That? – Like that image at the top of the post? Click over to Cage Potato to watch the gif. It’s sort of like the gif of the big fat guy powerbombing little girls into the swimming pool, except on television. I would’ve started tapping out the second they made me wear those shorts. [Cage Potato]

Joe Rogan Needs To Get Rid Of The Seaward – If you missed this unnecessarily controversial post from Friday, give it a read. If you already read it, go back and read the comments. You won’t believe how tactful people can be during anonymous conversation. One guy said I had a “jew face.” I can only assume that means “handsome.” [With Leather]

A Dish Served Cold: Michael Jordan’s 10 Most Memorable Revenge Games – Continuing a joke I loved on Friday, here are ten examples of MJ’s calculated hatred for others who play basketball, including that one time he garroted Reggie Miller. [Smoking Section]

This Week’s KSK Kommenter Draft: Alternate Lyrics To “Boogie In Your Butt” – I shouldn’t have to sell an article with a title like this. KSK is our sister site, assuming our sister went to Korea or Africa somewhere to do missionary work and only talks to us via infrequent Facebook “likes.” [KSK]

Not Sports

Summer’s Sexiest Women: The Lovely Ladies of ‘X-Men’ – My good friend and radio personality (intern) Jordo said seeing X-Men: First Class over the weekend would cause Jennifer Lawrence to show up in the morning links. I just wanted to prove him right. That girl is too pretty and talented to be hamming it up in these franchise pictures. [Moviefone]

Casting Crimes: Dorks Paired With Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan – Has anybody written a movie about themselves and cast someone realistic as their wife or girlfriend? Kevin James has been married to like two dozen supermodels at this point. Lizzy Caplan shouldn’t be married to ANYBODY. She should have to live in a space ship and be observed. [Warming Glow]

Cinema’s Most Overused Line? “You just don’t get it, do you.” – I can no longer watch any movie in peace. Thanks, Film Drunk. [Film Drunk]

Adult Swim’s 11 Friendliest Monsters – Shouldn’t Eric Wareheim be on here somewhere? Creating “Tom Goes to Mayor” should make you one of history’s greatest monsters. [Adult Swim]

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