Morning Links: People Who Play Sports are Ruining Sports

05.24.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

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Also, a few style notes about the site. One, we’re getting rid of the old logo and changing it to a picture of Hulk Hogan body slamming somebody. Two, Burnsy has been fired and replaced by a machine that produces less high-quality galleries per day, but likes basketball less. Three, I’m looking for a new bio blurb to put in the upper righthand corner of the page, and I’m leaning toward the word “otters.” Just the word otters.


Interleague Play And How It Ruined Baseball Forever – Baseball is like the human body. Anything that comes into contact with it tries to kill it. You can’t eat or breathe or do anything without it shortening your lifespan. Baseball can’t employ anyone or do anything without repeatedly punching itself inthe eye. [Baseball Nation]

Joakim Noah Yells Gay Slur At Fan, Apologizes – The theme for the next five years of basketball news is “basketball player is gay or hates gays.” That whole league is going to end in a self-hating orgy. [Smoking Section]

Ron Artest Says Lockout Won’t Happen – I think we can all accept Ron Artest as a reliable source of information. You know, honestly, if Ron Artest told me he was going into the kitchen to get me a grilled cheese sandwich and promised me it would happen, I would still not trust him to ever come back with food. [Pineriders]

What Macho Mean to Me – A sentimental look back at the pro wrestling legend from somebody who had a deeper fandom than “I remember him from the pillows, wish he’d stop wrestling so Ultimo Dragon could” thing I had. The picture of Savage with Regis is worth the click. [The Wrestling Blog]

Not Sports

The Best Of Jedi Girl Cosplay – I don’t really understand the concept of “jedi girl,” especially when one is just a lady in black leggings holding a lightsaber. I don’t remember that from any of the movies. They didn’t start adding in sexy blue-green ninja alien jedi ladies unti the prequels, when nobody could possibly care. [UGO]

8 Rad Modified Motorcycle Helmets – People who love motorcycles and people who love making pop culture references are only the same people when they see that US flag Easy Rider helmet. The guy who wears the custom Elmo helmet should be crashed into with cars immediately. [Gamma Squad]

Otter Playing With A Kid – “Otter doing blank” gets a spot on the Morning Links no matter what. In fact, I should devote an entire day to otter pictures and videos. That’s the ticket! And I’ll do otter mash-ups and fantasy drafts of otters. Shut it down, Brian, we’re doing an otter blog. [Buzzfeed]

Dammit, Timberlake – Justin Timberlake continues a life of being told he’s great at everything by being a pretty good host of Saturday Night Live. Stick around to see gay rights activist Lady Gaga sing about how embarrassing and funny it is when you do gay stuff by accident! [Warming Glow]

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