Morning Links: Shame And Insult

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11.17.11 4 Comments


Meet Sherman Klump, The Pissed Off Philadelphia Eagles Fan – And speaking of Eddie Murphy losing his dignity, listen to his overweight gent yell “motherf**ker” about the Eagles non-stop for several minutes. [Smoking Section]

UFC Sues New York For Breach Of First Amendment Rights – Sometimes I don’t think people know there’s more than one amendment to reference. I want to drive my car into someone biking on the side of the road and then sue them for impeding my first amendment rights. [Cage Potato]

Fair To Flair – I’m linking you to their podcast tag, because I appear on the next one that goes up. I spent an hour and a half last night yammering on about the Black Scorpion, it was great. You’ll want to hear it. [Fair To Flair]

Warming Glow’s Guide to Celebrity Impersonators You Can Hire on the Internet – Check this out, then compare and contrast it to Progressive Boink’s version from 2005. I think “celebrity impersonator” might rank below “crack whore” on society’s list of sad people. [Warming Glow]

The Movie Dad Hall of Shame – I love that Daddy Day Care is listed as the moment when Eddie Murphy lost his dignity. Not the transvestite hooker thing, Daddy Day Care. [UPROXX]

LA’s “Occupy Twilight” Line As Depressing As You Think – Enghhh. Why not “occupy” the book store long enough to find something good to read? [Gamma Squad]

Expendables 2 Is Scaring Off All Of Bulgaria’s Endangered Bats – Who cares what we’re doing to the world, Dolph Lundgren needs a paycheck. [Film Drunk]

Gosling Was Robbed! – baby goose nooooo [Buzzfeed]

10 Turkey-Flavored Foods That Look Absolutely Disgusting – One turkey-flavored food that doesn’t look disgusting is the bad ass Tofurky vegetarian roast sitting in my freezer right now. Next Thursday is going to rule so hard. [The FW]

‘Community’: Show Your Support and Goatee Yourself! – If you put it on your inner leg you can show support for ‘Whitney’! [AOL TV]

Eight Old-Timey Insults that Need to Make a Comeback – Old timey talk in general needs to make a comeback. I want to be normal, reasonable human Jimmy Stewart, living in a Jimmy Stewart movie where everyone else is doing the NOW YOU LISTEN HERE, SEE thing. [The Smoking Jacket]

The 13 Crappiest Movies of Mickey Rourke’s Career – I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with Pajiba. We should hold an opinion-off. That Bond kid movie looks wretched, sure, but Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man? Dissing Bob Dylan? Get bent. [Pajiba]

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