Morning Links: Stilted Mailings


Wilt Chamberlain to Possibly Have His Own Postage Stamp – This is the most appropriate news bit of the day, as Wilt has been sticking it to white squares since 1958. [Smoking Section]

High Schoolers Petition to Make Quidditch a Real Sport – Blogger petitions to make high schoolers stop making decisions like this. It’s like Star Wars fans who join “Sith Councils”. Can’t you love something and not have to directly be a part of it? [Gamma Squad]

Hoop Dreams on Hulu – No real reason, I just wanted to remind you that one of the best movies of all time is on Hulu. If you have three hours to burn, you’ve got no better way to spend it. Except possibly watching Hoop Dreams in a theater, or on a TV. [Hulu]

The Dugout: Meet the UltraMets – Any Dugout that gets a cap doff from Jason Fry is an unqualified success. Go read about the Mets, and as a bonus, read about the best martial arts film of all time. TOMMY NO [The Dugout]

Kimbo Slice to Make Boxing Debut – So far, I think “being homeless” is the only thing this guy’s been able to make a sustainable career from. Up next: Kimbo Slice makes his pro wrestling debut, losing to Dick Trimmins at your local armory! [Cage Potato]

Not Sports

A Golden Treasury of Rihanna Grabbing Her Crotch – The caption for most of these photos should be “Please! Please use your words!” Part of me wishes we could get into pop stars who wear shirts and occasionally pants, but hey, she’s foxy, so good for her. [Uproxx]

Man, Woody Allen is Old – Yeah, but for about fifteen years he was a goddamned genius. And not the kind you say a guy who draws web comics is, an actual creative genius. He deserves any ingenue he can hook up with, whether they’re related to him or not. [Film Drunk]

Chris Hansen’s Most Memorable ‘To Catch a Predator’ Moments – Included in the Morning Links to make my girlfriend laugh. My favorite TCAP moment is when the false internet teen asked guys to bring her double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s to “show intent”. [Uproxx]

Tracy Morgan Can’t Joke About Any Living Peoples – Poor Tracy Morgan. He makes uninformed opinions about killing gay people and now he can’t talk about ANYBODY. Anti-bullying groups need to target Gallagher for his callous words about immigrants and watermelons. [Warming Glow]