Morning Links: Things I’d Like To Do


Baseball Biking Tour – This guy is riding his bike across the country, stopping at every Major League Baseball park along the way. I wish I had the time and stamina to pull something like this off. All I can do is watch MLBTV on a stationary bike. [Facebook]

Keyboard Warriors – We’ve had tons of unauthorized Dugout ripoffs and “tributes”, so when somebody e-mails me and says “hey would you mind if we do this”, I say WELL OF COURSE and pat them on the back and shake their hands. Check out CP’s MMA-flavored Dugout. And yeah, eventually I’m gonna do one. /cracks knuckles [Cage Potato]

The Dugout: Nobody is Upset About Anything – … and in case you missed it yesterday, the original. The new deal (no, not that one) is that tons of comments lead to daily Dugouts. I’m a needy writer who wants to keep his editor job, give me a break. [The Dugout]

House of Punte: Football Fans In the South are Crazy – BRING BACK PUNTE! It’s weird, you’d think somebody who talks as much as me and knows so much about useless bullsh** would’ve started a podcast in like, 1988. Oh well. Until the muse moves me (and then immediately stops moving me), listen to this one instead. [KSK]

He Has A Ring?: 12 Unlikely NBA Champions – The NBA Finals are turning out to be pretty awesome, so check out this list of guys who probably shouldn’t have ever been there. [Smoking Section]

Not Sports

Dia Frampton Makes Me Swoon – Every now and then, a cute girl wanders onto one of these singing competition shows and makes me watch it for an entire season. Watch Dia of “The Voice” do an awesome piano version of Kanye West’s “Heartless”, elevating herself above the American Idol crowd by singing passionately to music and having actual musical talent. Best part is Christina Aguilera’s doggie head cock of confused jealousy at the two minute mark. [YouTube]

Tron Guy on America’s Got Talent – And now the opposite of Dia Frampton, a fat guy who thinks “wearing a costume I made several years ago” and “being on the Internet” are talents. You are worse than 60 kids making shadow puppets, Tron Guy. [Warming Glow]

Universal is Rebooting The Wolfman – I sure wish “rebooting” wasn’t a word you could use for movies. The terrible Benicio Del Toro version of this is like a year old, so hey, why not? Fill the movie with teens! [Film Drunk]

Keep Calm and Check Out All These Posters – I think these are all smashing. And if they were selling them at the team shop of the Kennedy Center after a performance of “Mary Poppins” I’d probably buy one. [Gamma Squad]