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That’s not a guy in a spandex bodysuit, it’s a robot. I promise.


The Best and Worst of ACW Queen of Queens – I try to keep pro wrestling coverage on With Leather mainstream and infrequent, so in case you’re the type who wants to read more, head over to TH’s The Wrestling Blog and read my extremely, extremely truncated Best and Worst of this weekend’s awesome Anarchy San Antonio show. [The Wrestling Blog]

Hermes Franca’s Statement From Jail – Hopefully his statement is “I look like Hermes from Futurama in a wig”. Maybe he committed sexual assault with a limbo? Regardless, he reads like MMA’s Sammy Sosa, and that’s always fun. [Cage Potato]

John Calipari: College Basketball’s Frank Abagnale – “The people of Kentucky have embraced our family as one of their own and we love being here and there is no other place we’d rather be.” Kentucky embracing your family can only lead to horrible things, just so you know. [Pineriders]

Minor League Team Wears Twitter-Themed Jerseys – The IronPigs are the team that accidentally line-drived the Phillie Phanatic in his neck, so of COURSE they’re the team that mocks up and wears Twitter jerseys. I hope one of the players had to play an entire double-header with @HOTBOY69Z on his back. [SBN]

Not Sports

The Chick from Doctor Who Likes to Party – Man, who knew a drop dead gorgeous, famous actress would like to get plastered and f**k around without consequences? I hope we get a “Hipster Doctor Who Loves Looking Like Frisky Dingo” follow-up story. [Warming Glow]

Warner Still Planning Green Lantern Sequel – Of course they are. I’m the nerd who waited in line for a midnight showing of all three Spider-Man movies and even I’m sick of all these comic book things. Give me an Inhumans movie (preferably written by me) and maybe something about the Silver Surfer that doesn’t involve Jessica Alba, then stop making them forever. [Film Drunk]

8-Bit Fashion – I think Ufford said it best when he wrote “Want to look stupid?” after this link. I would add “Want to get stomped by an Italian day-laborer? Wear these clothes, hold a turtle, and walk around in the sewers”. [Gamma Squad]

The Best Celebrity Twitter Reactions to New York’s Gay Marriage Bill – New York Giants receiver David Tyree was forced to give back his Super Bowl victory and the East Coast of the United States has plunged into a Hellish anarchy, but check out what celebrities on Twitter thought about human beings being treated like humans in real life. [Uproxx]

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