Morning Links: Waldorf From The Muppet Show Went To A Jets/Sharks Game, Probably Hated It

“Hey, the Winnipeg Jets aren’t half bad!”
“No, they’re ALL bad!”
“ho ho ho!”

In the tradition of the adorable Steve Stamkos groupie and that dead Flyers lady with the puck in her face comes the latest exceptional NHL fans, this one in the form of a guy in a Waldorf mask at Sunday’s Winnipeg Jets/San Jose Sharks game.

If you don’t recognize the name, Waldorf is 1/2 of that condescending old man team that sat in the balcony during ‘The Muppet Show’ and made everybody feel like shit for trying. I can only assume Statler was in the bathroom. Here’s the mask in action, followed by our morning links:

(via Rumors and Rants)

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