Morning Links: Welcome Back, Arrested Development

11.21.11 8 years ago

Crap, this isn’t what they’re talking about, is it.


It’s Official: Netflix Is Bringing Back ‘Arrested Development’ For Another Season – Now if they can do this with ‘Community’ and ‘Firefly’, and somehow convince the cast of ‘Freaks and Geeks’ to go back in time to when they were younger and be good again. [UPROXX]

Happy Birthday To Us: A Gallery of Birthday Animals – I hate being a new editor, I don’t know when any of our holidays are. I don’t even know if I’m supposed to work on Thanksgiving. I’m vegan, so I’m stuck working, right? [Gamma Squad]

Just What ‘The Matrix’ Needed: Mambo No. 5 – Don’t know why this exists, but I love it. The trompets. The TROMpets. [Film Drunk]

ESPN’s Lee Corso Says The F-Word, The World Laughs – New professional goal: get on ESPN once, use the phrase “you f**kers”. [Smoking Section]

This Explains So Much – The next time it’s 11:15 on a Saturday night and an SNL writer doesn’t have an idea, fire him and replace him with someone who is funny and can produce without ruining everything. [Warming Glow]

6 Photos Of Cats Who Look Like Drake – I love this, if only for the possibility of the hashtag “I hurt myself: Meow”. [Buzzfeed]

9 Towns with Tasty Thanksgiving Names – Like when you’re a kid and think the country of “Turkey” is funny, but longer. [The FW]

Lil Wayne Returns to Hometown to Hand Out Thanksgiving Turkeys – They should really keep filming him doing stuff like this and try to witness a Christmas Miracle. [Popcrush]

30 Inexplicably Damning Reviews For Awesome Movies – Movie reviews are the worst. I like to review a movie by watching it with someone, then turning to them and saying “so what’d you think”, then talking about what we thought. [FARK]

Kermit on Jason Segel’s Nude Scene: He Had ‘Shortcomings’ – Not really interested in Kermit the Frog looking at dicks, guys. [Moviefone]

The 5 Best #SAVECOMMUNITY Campaign Posters Made To Avert The Darkest Timeline – You know what would’ve worked even better? More good season 3 episodes of ‘Community’. |Pajiba|

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Best DVD Commentary Ever – I love you, Arnold, and I don’t care what a weird creep you are in real life. [High Definite]

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