Morning Meat, Featuring The Greatest Weather Report Ever

05.06.10 9 years ago 2 Comments

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  • It’s never too early to look at the NFL schedule. These AFC teams have the easiest rows to hoe on offense.


  • Cell phones are not boomboxes. Seriously, put some damn headphones on.


  • Liver cancer is funny when it happens to children. Just ask.

    The Gally Blog.

  • One guy in the bigs is still rocking the big batting helmet. It’s the Yankees’ Francisco Cervelli.

    Bugs & Cranks.

  • Brian Griffin ate poop on TV. By the way, Brian Griffin is a cartoon dog.

    Warming Glow.

  • They just finished the Webby Awards. Our invitation must have been lost in the mail.

    Gamma Squad.

  • I’ve never been a fan of those New Balance sneakers, but you might be. Fresh…respected.

    The Smoking Section.

  • Tough guys in sports. The avoidance of the movie title was intentional on my part.

    Bleacher Report.

  • A rundown of the sexiest weather reporters in Mexico. Why Mexico? Why not?


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