Most ’90s Band Tournament Final Four: Gin Blossoms, Hootie, Boyz-II-Men, Spice Girls

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Voting for this round has concluded. Head here to see the TITLE MATCH!


From 64 to four, we’re nearing close to naming the Most ’90s Band of all time. The only 1-seed remaining is the Gin Blossoms, but the field for the Final Four is incredibly strong, and incredibly ’90s.

Before you vote below, our final four groups have come to make their case — each will perform their most commercially successful song of all time (based on Billboard):

GIN BLOSSOMS, “Follow You Down”

HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH, “Only Wanna Be With You”

BOYZ-II-MEN, “End Of The Road”

SPICE GIRLS, “Wannabe”

Now it’s in your hands, America: Which two will meet in the championship match-up? Final Four voting will go through Wednesday with the title round beginning Thursday morning.