The Most Insane Poker Hands Of 2016 Will Make You Never Want To Gamble Again

We’re no longer in poker’s golden age of the mid-2000’s, but the game still has the potential to thrill and captivate us. While Chris Moneymaker’s win in the 2003 World Series of Poker may have inspired us all to get in the game, this compilation might just have the opposite effect. When you see all the unbelievable ways in which a perfectly-played hand can go wrong, why would you ever want to risk money on the game again?

Take the epic that starts at the 5:57 mark, a hand that starts out between Valentin Vornicu, Shaun Deeb and James Obst. Deeb and Obst both have great chances at straights, but Vornicu flops top two pair. As the turn comes, Obst gets a flush with a chance for a straight flush, but Vornicu gets a full house. Any way you slice it, Obst has a great hand with a chance for an all-timer, but it just is never good enough, and Vornicu takes him for nearly a million dollars’ worth of chips. The sickest part of it is that Obst had to be pretty sure he was beaten, but how do you just walk away from a flush?

Poker can be torture to play, but it is sure fun to watch when it’s this nuts.