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Several dozen people were racing motorcycles at 140 mph on a track in Rome with tight turns, and shockingly, two people — Max Biaggi and Kenan Sufuolu — bumped into each other.  Then they regained control of their respective bikes and said, “Phew!  That was a close one!”

Naw just kidding.  Their motorcycles flipped along the ground, and they went flying through the air at about one-fifth the speed of sound before sliding and rolling along pavement.  And I know what you’re asking: Are they dead? Are they dead?  Huh?  Huh huh huh?

Biaggi clipped the back of Troy Corser, causing him to high-side and collect Kenan Sofuoglu. Despite the high-speed impact, Biaggi was nonetheless able to walk away from the smash unharmed.

Man, that’s disappointing.  Although I, for one, see this as a good excuse to clip a motorcyclist the next time they drive between lanes when I’m stopped in traffic.  Assholes.

[The Sporting Blog]

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