The Mountain From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Rallied Vikings Fans Against The Packers In Minnesota

There’s nothing quite like the Vikings tradition of chanting “skol” before their gigantic new Gjallarhorn is sounded, echoing across Minnesota. It’s a moment in the NFL that mirrors the electric atmosphere of college games, but the word sounds better than its actual meaning, which is basically a Scandinavian toast to good health. Translated in Chicagoan, for example, it would be like Soldier Field fans shouting: “take some more of this Italian beef so it doesn’t go to waste.”

Anyway, back in Minnesota, the “skol” chant arguably just had its most powerful moment as Europe’s strongest man and zombie protector of the Queen of the Seven Realms, Hafþór J Björnsson blew the Gjallhorn and led the Vikings fans into a frenzy. There’s a good chance that the Game of Thrones star’s massive blow into the horn was filled with so much testosterone it seeped into the pours of the Vikings players who then used their newfound strength to knock out Aaron Rodgers for the season with a broken collarbone.

The guy can split horses in half with a sword that weighs as much as Stefon Diggs, so this is the only explanation for what happened today as the Vikings beat Green Bay 23-10.