Move Over Planking, It’s Tebowing Time

I’m never going to understand kids these days. First it’s the planking, then it’s the horsemaning, followed by batmanning, and I’m sure that one day down the road we’ll have airpooping, wallhumping, groinsmothering, and countless other photo meme fads. But today, it’s Tebowing. Somehow, somewhere, someone thought that it would be fun to start sharing pictures of people kneeling in Tim Tebow’s famous religious pose on Facebook, Twitter, and now the Tumblr site, Tebowing.
I was going to really pour on the “Come on, people” treatment here, but for two reasons I will not.
1) This is the fault of the Miami Dolphins. If anyone deserves scorn for this fad that will probably stick with us as long as defenses are unable to see that it is clear to Helen Keller that Tebow is going to run up the gut for a 2-pt. conversion, it’s the Dolphins.
B) While putting together this little gallery last night, I came across an article on USA Today’s website – a place that I normally urge everyone to stay far away from – and it was just stupid enough to draw me in. Damn you, pie charts. The title of the article is “Now Tim Tebow is taking heat for ‘Tebowing’.” Really? Because when thousands of people are striking a pose in tribute to a guy, I tend to think it’s the opposite of mocking.
Regardless, Tebowing is upon us, and lo the football lords have spaketh unto us, so shall it be written, so shall it be done, for ever and ever, in the name of the John Fox, the Damaryius Thomas and the Holy Ghost. Tebow.