Move Over Samoa Joe, Mighty Mo is the New Samoan Submission Machine

If you are a regular reader of the wonderful and charming Danielle Matheson’s Best and Worst of TNA Impact you know about Samoa Joe. If you don’t know about Samoa Joe, allow me to explain him. He’s a pudgy fellow that, depending on his hair, usually looks like fat Elvis or short One Man Gang. He sadly was not born into the Anoa’i family, so he doesn’t get to be in the WWE, but he makes up for that by being really into submission grappling.

Unfortunately, Viacom has found a new Samoan submission darling in the former K-1 Las Vegas and Hawaii Grand Prix kickboxing champion, Siala-Mou “Mighty Mo” Siliga. Known primarily for his punching power Mighty Mo has strung together two straight submission victories inside the Bellator cage.

Most recently, on Friday night, Mighty Mo dispatched fellow kickboxer Peter “The Chief” Graham with a half scarfhold armlock, half arm triangle choke, half anaconda vice (Mighty Mo is big enough to throw down a 3/2 submission)

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Prior to that, Mighty Mo took on Kentucky yokel, Ron “The Monster” Sparks and dispatched him with a keylock.

Clearly, Mighty Mo saw the success Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal was having in both Bellator and TNA Impact Wrestling, coupled with Samoa Joe’s general lackadaisical existence and figured if he could show off his own ever-improving BJJ skills, Mighty Mo could usurp Joe’s status as the Samoan Submission Machine (A moniker bestowed upon Mo after the Graham fight) and make those lucrative Dixie Dollars to feed his 10 children. Good luck, Mo!