02.09.10 9 years ago 6 Comments

I might have mentioned that I spent last weekend in Las Vegas for the Trash Talk Championship of the World, which to my surprise was neither full of trash-talk nor worldly. But it was a very good time, and I’m thankful for Victory Poker and Greasie Wheels for bringing us out there, and for the Hard Rock for having us. Since my travel schedule resembled something of an old Steve Martin movie, I’ll have more to say about the tournament and the Super Bowl party tomorrow, including the burlesque act I enjoyed before The Who went out for their set. But I couldn’t wait to share this.

Yep, that’s Dennis Haskins, aka Mr. Belding from “Saved By The Bell,” posing with me right after he signed my Bayside T-shirt. @Brandon_ROTU bought me that tee and had it shipped next-day-air in time for the tournament, so thanks to him as well. And here’s a short video shot and cut by Dan Levy; he has more on the trip at The Sporting Blog.

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