Mr. Met Joined Twitter Today And The Results Were A Little Underwhelming

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It’s Monday and I’ve been reading way too many complaints about the finale of True Detective – I liked it because it wasn’t a Chuck Lorre show – so forgive me if I’m trying to find some light in the rest of the Internet’s massive darkness. One thing that always makes me happy is a mascot doing something goofy, especially if that mascot is Mr. Met, who is one of the few bright spots in the annual schadenfreude that New York Mets fans call a baseball season. Today’s adventure in goofiness for Mr. Met? He joined Twitter.

At least I think it’s Mr. Met. That’s the sad truth of Twitter these days, that we can’t even believe that this new account belongs to the PR department of the Mets, because within the next few hours, he’ll Tweet something like, “The San Diego Chicken bet me that I couldn’t get 10,000 followers by 5 PM ET, so help me out with RTs,” or “The Phillie Phanatic challenged me to get 10,000 RTs and for each one I will give $1 to cancer stuff” and then the account will suddenly turn into a Family Guy parody or @BroHumor, “Humor for BROs.” In the meantime, I’ll assume it’s real and use this opportunity to grade the first two Tweets.

Grade: D

I’m not trying to be a dick to Mr. Met – again, he’s probably my favorite baseball mascot behind Fredbird – but Phil Jackson called and he said, “Been there, Tweeted this.”

Of course, I do look forward to the moment when someone points out that I just wasted 300 words on a fake Twitter account for Mr. Met. Major League Baseball even Tweeted that it’s really Mr. Met, but until I see a blue check mark, I’m a skeptic. Until, I’ll return to see my high school physics teacher and verify that he was correct about the path of my life.

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