06.05.08 10 years ago 11 Comments

The Chief is too wearied by the ongoing saga of his Mariners and their unremitting cycle of defeat, losing, tanking and buggery to further discuss them in this space, so the responsibility is deferred to his simian underling. Oh wait, that's me. Anyfuck, here's the clip of manager John McLaren getting bleeped a bunch of times, the number of which being padded because this particular TV station also bleeps "pissed off". Thanks for protecting our delicate sensibilities, censorsunts. 

McLaren is all hot and bothered because the Mariners have the worst record in baseball despite a $117 million payroll and somewhat bright prospects coming into the season. Erik Bedard, who McLaren diplomatically said has to lose a few more games before he's really considered a disappointment, couldn't help but bring the losing virus in from Baltimore. It's actually the least malignant disease you can get from Charm City. Be thankful, Erik.

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