The Mugshot Of The Week Comes To Us From C-L-E-M-S-O… N!

It wouldn’t be a good week if we didn’t close it out with a great sports-related mugshot, and this guy has to be a frontrunner for an annual prize with this delightful tribute to the Clemson Tigers. I don’t know what Petey Paw Print did to wind up in this situation, but I’m sure it was pretty great and involves getting hammered on pitchers of rum and coke for 11 hours (yes, I may have a friend who has a story like that involving a football game at Clemson, and it doesn’t end well).

However, while I hate to judge books by their covers, I can’t help but worry that this poor fella has set himself up for some courtroom disappointment, because not only is it hard to take any guy with a head tattoo seriously (sorry, dad) but there’s a good chance that his judge could end up being a Duke grad. “How do you like me now,” the judge will scream as he bangs his gavel on a child’s skull.

(Image via Dianne Gallagher)