11.23.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

We’ve been trying to come up with a fun way to signal the end of the posting day. Something that would jump out and say, “You are now free to move about the rest of the internet.” Something bloggy, but not necessarily sports-related. And something that’s already been beaten to death on variety shows everywhere. It’s our special musical guest, with a new “performance” nightly. Enjoy.

It’s kinda mind-blowing how everyone runs on about how little they think of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” only to roll out another cover of it. I actually like the song, but then, I have absolutely no taste in music. I’m the same idiot that thought until 2006 that Pat Benatar was a guy.

But here’s one more log on that fire, and it’s been around for a few months. It’s an “unplugged” cover that Chris Daughtry did while he was promoting his album (I presume) in Germany. Wikipedia has the date as July 2nd. Works for me. But like anything else this guy does, it’s a solid rendition. This guy was my favorite contestant on Idol; he was on the show the first and only season I watched it, and once he was voted off, I gave it up.

Enjoy the Monday Night Football liveblog at KSK tonight. Or we’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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