12.23.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

As you will quickly realize upon watching the above video of Grandpa Schriver singing “Colt 45” by Afroman, the old fogey likes to keep it real while he’s kicking it old school, busting out the Hawaiian shirt and whatnot.

For the sake of honesty, despite being hailed as one of the hippest fellas on these here internets, I have no idea who Afroman is, but I am willing to wager that Grandpa Schriver would be more than able to throw down with this Afroman fellow on any given day. Rock on with your bad self, Grandpa Schriver, because nothing speaks to the spirit of the holidays more than taking advantage of the elderly for our own amusement.

Well folks, this concludes the broadcasting week here on With Leather. Punte will be back to assume control of the bridge on Monday. Thank you for allowing me the honor of wasting some of your time today. I only hope you performed said time-wasting on the clock. That’s the American way, kids.

Happy holidays to you all. Each and every last one of you degenerate goofballs.

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