01.30.09 9 years ago 17 Comments

For the last two years, I’ve been at the Super Bowl, swindling my way into various parties so I can take pictures that don’t turn out well and tell stories no one’s really interested in.  Turns out I can stay home, get better photos, and not waste my and your time recounting disappointing evenings.  I mean, uh, WOOOO SUPER BOWL!!!!1!!!!11!!!

Anyway, these are photos from last night’s Gentleman Jack/GQ/Yardbarker Super Bowl pre-party, hosted by Terrell Owens. Aside from the banner image, we’ve also got the soul-sucking eyes of agent Drew Rosenhaus — yes, he has a Superman logo incorporated into a T-shirt of his own agency — and Darren Sproles, whose watch is slightly nicer than my Casio.  BUT DOES IT HAVE A CALCULATOR?  I think not.  Winner: me.

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