Must-Have Holiday Music: ‘Christmas With The Dallas Cowboys Legends’

Hey, remember the 80s? What a crazy decade that was, right? People were all coked up out of their brains, and because of it we had movies about alien ducks and alien robots and alien, um, aliens – it was a really ridiculous era of American pop culture. But nothing was more ridiculous than the music, especially when it came to athletes that thought they could sing, such as the Dallas Cowboys, who recorded and released the album, “Dallas Cowboys Christmas” for charity in 1985. At least I hope it was for charity.

Re-released on Amazon and iTunes earlier this year as “Christmas with the Dallas Cowboys Legends,” this 11-track album is filled with holiday spirit and terribly out-of-tune joy, as members of the ’85 Cowboys – including Danny White, who was an album producer – crooned such classics as “God Bless the Children” and “Silent Night,” as well as this original gem, “I Don’t Want to be Home for Christmas.”

The Cowboys even had coach Tom Landry in a singing mood, as he joined in on this rendition of “Twelve Days of Christmas” that also amazingly foreshadowed the league’s current problem with concussions and head injuries.

The Cowboys followed this album up with “The New Dallas Cowboys Christmas ’86,” which included the song “Christmas in Dallas.” However, whereas “I Don’t Want to be Home for Christmas” was about how the players would rather be trying to win a Super Bowl instead of enjoying the holiday with their friends and families, this one was all about how much they loved being at home.

I assume that’s because the ’86 Cowboys missed the playoffs.