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Kids, this is the 2010 Lotus Stealth, as unveiled earlier this year at the Tokyo Motor Show. It can go from zero to Kiss My Grits in four seconds. Lotus is only making 35 of these, none of which will be available in North America. The most striking feature obviously is the matte-black paint job, which supposedly gives the car a soft, baby’s-ass sort of feel. And it only weighs a hair under 2,000 pounds. I’m sure it has a lot of horses under the hood and all that, but I wouldn’t care if it didn’t. I want this car. Not because I crave the feel of something powerful whenever I drive, but because I look like a total dumbass wearing my Batman mask when I drive around in my Hyundai.

Celebutopia, GarageCar, Automobile Mag, Paul Tan.

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