Myles Jack Was Ejected For Throwing Punch And Then Refused To Leave The Field

Myles Jack played in his first NFL game Sunday since getting a new contract with the Jaguars. One would think he wanted to make a big impression to prove he was worth the money the Jaguar spent on him. He still hasn’t made a pro bowl, but the promising linebacker is an important piece to the Jacksonville defense.

Jack must have had different plans though because the Florida heat managed to get to him Sunday and cause him to absolutely lose his mind. After a 3rd down sack on Patrick Mahomes, Jack got in a fight with Chiefs receiver Sammy Watkins in the end zone. He also did the dumbest thing in football: punching someone with their helmet on.

Sometimes players just lose their minds and let the heat of the moment get to them. That’s what happened with Jack here. He won’t be the last person to throw a punch against someone wearing their helmet, even though it literally has no upside, but what followed was pretty unusual. Jack didn’t want to leave the field. If he was going to get ejected then he wanted his money’s worth, because he tried to go right back at the Chiefs despite the refs, teammates, and coaching staff all attempting to pull him off the field.

Against the terrifying offense of the Chiefs, this was far from what the Jaguars needed to see. They didn’t need to lose a starting linebacker when they’re already facing an uphill battle against Mahomes and company, but for whatever reason the Chiefs crossed a line with Jack that was apparently unforgivable because he was fired up and not ready for the fight to end.