This Is What It Looks Like When A Foul Ball Destroys Your Plate Of Nachos

From Thursday night’s Red Sox-Rangers game:

“Ma’am, that cheese is not yours, it belongs to Prince Fielder.
“Excuse me?”
“Yeah, it’s not yours.”
“The hell it isn’t. It’s absolutely mine.”
“No, it’s nacho cheese.”

Listen, cheese all up in your hair and in the folds of your neck is gross and awful. Clean yourself up lady.

By the way, in September 2013, Prince Fielder ran over to grab a foul ball at Comerica Park and instead grabbed a fan’s nachos. That led to this priceless comment from Fox Sports color commentator Rod Allen: “Some guys get a little dirt on their uniform during the course of the game, Prince Fielder gets a little cheese on his.”

That’s the polite way of calling someone fat.

(Via Rob Rogacki)