Nachos On A Stick Is Baseball’s Latest Attempt To Put Us Six Feet Under

America, land of the free, home of artery-clogging fat people frying food.

This latest heart attack waiting to happen comes courtesy of the Milwaukee Brewers, who are putting nachos on a stick. Because chicken fried corn on the cobb wasn’t cutting it or something.

This monstrosity is packed with taco meat and crusted with Doritos, and wow, that doesn’t appetizing at all. Anyway, it’s topped off with melted cheese, sour cream and salsa. Then someone grabs a defibrillator because you’ve flat-lined.

“We’ve sold nachos before, but some people don’t want to get messy,” said Jamie Hodgson, general manager of Miller Park hospitality for concessionaire Delaware North. “I think this is going to be a big seller because you can eat this in one hand and have a beer in the other.”

And that’s just the appetizer, folks. The main course is the “Down Wisconsin Avenue” brat. It’s covered in fries, gravy, cheese curds and sauerkraut, jalapenos and sour cream. Oh, and chives. Can’t forget the chives.

Take a look at this beast.

Is it possible to gain weight by looking at food? Because we all just tipped the scales. Congratulations, Weight Watchers. You gained a bunch of new clients.