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Like most people who were breast-fed until age 10, I appreciate women with rock-hard asses and high-powered rifles.  Which is why I’m thrilled that members of the women’s Canadian biathlon team have gone au naturel for a calendar to raise money for the team.  Hell, they’re even stripping down outside in the Canadian autumn:

Five of Canada’s top female biathletes roller skied along chilly Stephen Avenue Mall yesterday clad only in shorts and running bibs in an effort to stir up some buzz for their nude calendar: Bold Beautiful Biathlon.

Red Deer’s Zina Kocher, who captured Canada’s first world cup biathalon medal in a decade at the 2006 World Cup, said the sport is still overlooked compared to Europe, so disrobing to drum up awareness and funds wasn’t a hard sell.

This is why Title IX is bullshit, man.  Hey ladies, if you wanna play sports, just get naked!  Is it really so hard?

Calendars are available here, and I strongly recommend you purchase one.  And then scan all the pictures and send them to me.  I’d buy one myself, but that would violate my journalistic integrity.  I can only support with words.  Words like, “Take it off!” and “Yeah, that’s a gold-medal ass, baby!”


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