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Carrot Top’s most recent set

Kyle Bush but the real news — that is to say, the only thing providing us any entertainment — was the parade of celebrities and has-beens hanging out at Pit Row.

In the pit area at the start of the NASCAR race Sunday: Oscar winner Adrien Brody, actress Angie Harmon and husband Jason Sehorn and Nick Lachey as guests of driver Jimmie Johnson. Also spotted before the race: Pete Rose, NFL legend Willie Lanier, Miss Nevada USA Georgina Vaughn, Mayor Oscar Goodman, presenting the mayor’s trophy to Kyle Busch for winning the pole position; comedian Carrot Top, dropping in on the NASCAR drivers’ meeting and later posing with driver Tony Stewart, comedian Ron White, hanging out with Kurt Busch.

I can’t lie: I originally picked up this story because I was gonna Photoshop Carrot Top about to get run over by a bunch of stock cars.  But that seemed too cruel, teasing you with such a beautiful image when it didn’t come to fruition.  Dare to dream, people.  By which I mean, “Hit Carrot Top with your car.”

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