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Predators forward David Legwand was arrested February 15th and charged with driving under the influence.  Of course, in typical NHL fashion, it's not nearly as exciting as your average sports-related DUI.

…a police officer clocked him going 51 mph in a 35-mph zone in his 2006 Range Rover. Police reports said the officer noticed Legwand's eyes were bloodshot, his speech slurred and he smelled of alcohol. Legwand said he had attended a concert. He refused a breath test and was charged with driving under the influence.

He was speeding, but it wasn't reckless speeding (in fact, if I can channel Stephen A., it was wreckless speeding).  And then he actually refused the Breathalyzer!  Only smart people do that!  What the hell, hockey?  You've got a chance to prove that your athletes are just as out of control and careless as any other sport's, and then one of your players goes and does something not-very-stupid like this.  Heck, he probably won't even be convicted.

Trust me, it's going to take a lot for hockey to recover from this non-shame.  We need to start a movement to make the NHL edgier.  I'm going to see if is registered yet.

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