Ranking Nashville Predators Bandwagon Celebrity Fans, And Why You Should Follow Their Example

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05.23.17 2 Comments

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The Nashville Predators have been having one heck of a postseason so far, and in more ways than just winning games. After losing in 7 games to the San Jose Sharks during the second round of the 2016 NHL playoffs, the Predators pushed themselves to a Stanley Cup Final berth in the 2017 postseason. The team has never made it as far as the Cup Final before, so even making it this far is a boon for the city and the franchise.

Winning isn’t the only thing that is driving fan enjoyment during this postseason though, as a variety of celebrities have leaped onto the Nashville bandwagon with verve and appeared at games in varying capacities. Some have simply bought tickets to cheer the team on, some have served as guest singers for the National Anthem, and some have pumped up the crowd while enjoying a variety of cold beverages in the stands.

Which celebrity has been the best at spreading Preds cheer over the last few weeks, you ask? Behold, a semi-arbitrary but completely accurate ranking!

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