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The lovely Natalie Gulbis won the Evian Masters today by defeating South Korean Jang Jeong in a sudden-death playoff.  It was the first LPGA Tour victory for the shapely strokestress from California.  Some have called Gulbis the Anna Kournikova of golf because she was the most attractive player on the Tour never to win an event, but with today's win, she has silenced those critics like a sexy yardstick-toting teacher quiets a disruptive student.  Even though I worked at a golf course for a while, I don't particularly care for golf. However, there is something intriguing when women play the old game of the Scots.  I don't know if it's the way they let cool water overflow their lips and rivulet down their necks to the wide openings in their pastel-colored golf shirts at the halfway cafe.  Or maybe it's the way they let their fingers dawdle just a bit too long as they gently but firmly stick $50 dollars into the waistband of your boxer shorts after a round.  It could be the way they ask for your help in the locker room and then back you into the steam room, disrobe, and engage you in a very satisfying game of Pleasure & Pain with a pair of golf spikes.  It could be any of these reasons, but I assume it's because they're rich.

In other semi-sexy LPGA news, Michelle Wie tied for 69th place.  Hmm, 69.  If you'll excuse me, I'm going to use Natalie's triumph for inspiration to beat a Jang in a playoff. -KD

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