Nate Diaz Is Being Sued By His Former Agents For Half Of His UFC 202 McGregor Fight Purse

06.21.17 9 months ago

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Nate Diaz hasn’t fought since August of 2016 when he lost by a bloody majority decision to Conor McGregor in their second fight. Since then, the once-active UFC title contender and purveyor of fine double middle fingers makes it into the news far more for what he’s doing outside of fighting, like going on weed adventures and in general enjoying a life with financial security. But now, Diaz will be in a different kind of fight, one for his cash, as various reports are stating that his former agents, the Ballengee Group, have filed a lawsuit asking for $1 million.

According to Ballengee via TMZ, the agents had negotiated his previous 3-4 fights, from Rafael dos Anjos through both McGregor fights, but Nate unceremoniously fired them a month out from his UFC 202 rematch with McGregor and didn’t reap any benefits from what was said to be the biggest UFC PPV of all-time.

If Diaz ends up having to shell out a million bucks to his former agents, that would represent half his $2 million purse from his second McGregor fight, but Diaz also got PPV points, which bumped up his pay substantially. Probably by $5-10 million. Maybe this will light a fire under the younger Diaz brother to take another fight sooner than later. Maybe he’ll take on Adrien Broner on the Mayweather/McGregor undercard?

(Via TMZ)

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