Nate Montana Is So College, Bro

07.19.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of the first few weeks at college. It’s just you, you’re quirky roommate, and thousands of pairs of new, exotic tits just waiting to be drunkenly fondled in a frat house basement. Nate Montana, son of NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, Joe Montana, took his totally chill pair of Birkenstocks and acoustic guitar to Notre Dame. And unfortunately for him, they don’t take very kindly to underage alcoholic escapades ’round those parts.

According to WNDU-TV in South Bend, eight members of the Notre Dame football program were among the 43 people arrested Friday night for underage drinking at what sounds like one hellacious party.

Nate Montana, 20-year-old son of Joe Montana and the backup to Dayne Crist at quarterback, was one of the eight-man Irish drinking team busted by the Indiana State Excise Police at a South Bend home.

All eight were held overnight at the county jail until their blood alcohol level had dipped below legal levels, the station reported. –CFT via PFT

At this rate, Nate Montana is going to be more Joe Namath than Joe Montana. How did they possibly arrest 43 people? Did they all just stand around and wait to be arrested? God those kids are stupid. Notre Dame needs more slutty Catholic school girls, and less kids who suck at partying. A truly sweet college party after the jump.

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