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It’s official: after a month of speculation, Manna Acta has been relieved from duty has manager of Major League Baseball’s most exciting team, which is also coincidentally its most bad. It should be noted that Acta had to fire his entire coaching staff to ensure his return for 2009, but with a 26-61 record heading into the All-Star Break, the writing was on the wall. From

“I thank the Nationals for giving me this opportunity and I’m sorry that things didn’t work out as expected. It’s normal for the manager to pay the price when the team is not doing well,” Acta said.

A 5-0 loss at Houston on Sunday was Washington’s seventh in 10 games. The Nationals rank last in the NL with a 5.21 ERA and they have committed the most errors in the majors (82).

I’ve said before that, with horrendous pitching and a 3-4-5 lineup that rivals any other team on paper, that one couldn’t find a better team to watch than the Nationals. It’s only fair to fire Acta if you’ve also fired the team’s baserunning guru, grounds crew, uniform manufacturer, charity liason, director of bobbleheads and meteorologist. Because this franchise is a colossal clusterfugg from the top down. But you don’t have to start winning games for me, Nationals. I love you just the way you are, losing games by scores of 10-8, 9-7, and the occasional 5-0. I can only hope the second half is better. I mean worse. Okay, I’ll settle for “as bad.” I’m not picky.

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