04.17.09 9 years ago 2 Comments

We really didn’t do anything special for Jackie Robinson Day (after all, it was also Dara Torres‘ birthday, and if we weren’t so busy scurrying to fill out our extension form with the IRS, we would have covered the latter before anything else). But yeah, MLB commemorated Robinson’s role in integrating the modern game by asking every player to wear Robinson’s No. 42. And just to make it more official, I heard that MLB executes contacted random players to make anonymous death threats. That one probably sounded better in the board meeting.

Anyway, the Nats finally won a game, beating the Phillies yesterday when Adam Dunn, Elijah Dukes, Alberto González and some other white guy all hit home runs. The Yankees got whipped by Cleveland. The Mets did, too, , but Julia Stiles contributed this report on the new Citi Field to the Wall Street Journal. I have no idea why.

And there’s some high school kid that’s thrown three consecutive no-hitters. This would be its own post if any of us actually cared about sports.

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