Nature Got Served

09.22.06 12 years ago

Some people think Friday afternoons are great times to be looking ahead to a long weekend of college and NFL football, but not me. This is when I get all of my best hunting news. ESPN Outdoors tells us:

In this golden age of modern elk hunting, conventional wisdom from wapiti hunting experts dictates that to kill a 400-inch world-class bull, several things need to happen.

First, you need to draw a virtual once-in-a-lifetime tag from one of the megabull units of Arizona, Utah or Nevada.

Second, you need to leave the elk bugle at home, and maybe even the cow call, too, instead slipping quickly and quietly into bow range to down one of these whopper wapiti.

And, finally, to do that, an archer needs to tote a high-tech compound bow and be proficient arrowing out to 50 yards or so, since short shots on megabulls are about as rare as a July snow.

Megabull? Wapiti? Arrowing? This kind of sounds like science fiction. I'm not exactly sure what all of this means, but apparently the guy in the picture killed a really big deer or caribou or moose or something. I get my even-toed unguents all mixed up. But it looks much too large to be a pronghorn, I know that much. Anyway, the dude dropped that 900-pound unguent with a carbon arrow from ten yards away.

I think the point of this story is that if you're part of Nature, don't bring that weak-ass shit in our house. You hear me, Nature? Click-Clack! NOT IN OUR HOUSE!

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