A Hockey Fight Featured Sharks Center Joe Thornton Getting Part Of His Beard Ripped Out

01.04.18 2 years ago

Getty Image

Jumbo Joe Thornton has grown a pretty impressive beard during his time with the San Jose Sharks. But he got a bit of an unexpected trim during a fight on Thursday night.

Thornton squared off with Toronto’s Nazem Kadri just two seconds into the first period of Leafs-Sharks on Thursday night, a clearly premeditated big of on-ice violence that indicates the two clearly do not like each other. And Kadri wasn’t gentle during the fight, grabbing Thornton’s jersey and, perhaps accidentally, a large chunk of his beard during the scrap.

You can sort of see Thornton’s beard getting pulled during the fight, but when the two hit the ice and the officials come in to shake the players loose from one another it’s clear that thing unusual happened during the fight. As in, you can see Kadri throw a big chunk of grayish beard onto the ice.

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