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Magic center Dwight Howard shockingly led the NBA All-Star voting, garnering a record 3,150,181 votes.  I say “shockingly” because, even though Howard leads the league in blocks, rebounding, and double-doubles, there are usually several billion Chinese people voting for Yao Ming.  Plus, you know, those other guys… whatstheirfaces… LeJohn Something and Toby Bryant.  Oh, and that really good point guard, C-3PO.

Full list of starters below.


G – Dwyane Wade

G – Allen Iverson

C – Dwight Howard

F – LeBron James

F – Kevin Garnett


G – Chris Paul

G – Kobe Bryant

C – Yao Ming

F – Amare Stoudemire

F – Tim Duncan

I have to agree with Shoals in that the only real misfires are A.I. and maybe the forward selection in the West.  I also have yet to watch an entire NBA game from start to finish this year, so what the hell do I know?  But in defense of fan voting, I’d rather watch A.I. and Amare than whoever actually deserves to start.  Can’t say I know what the hell they were thinking when they voted for Duncan, though.  Maybe they were ironic votes?

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