NBA Players Respond To The #Lockout

07.01.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

Well it’s official. As of 12:01 AM ET, the NBA is locked out. We knew it was coming so there was no shocking revelation, but it’s still a pretty empty feeling for fans when they realize that their favorite athletes aren’t going to be suiting up anytime soon. Especially NBA players since this lockout just looks so damn bad. Take the above image, for example. That was at 12:02 last night, a clear sign to fans and players that the league means only business. Of course the site is almost back to a normal template, as opposed to “Baby’s First Blog”, but at the very least it was a brief message to everybody to get comfortable, because this thing isn’t going anywhere.
I woke up to an email from the Orlando Magic this morning, thanking me for being a season ticket holder and assuring me that they’re doing everything within their power to end this lockout soon. As I read it, all I could picture was Gilbert Arenas planking on a gigantic pile of money and Dwight Howard doing backflips off of jet skis. And, of course, the Magic charged me for my tickets today, so that was a good feeling. But as a fan of the game, this just sucks. For some reason I’m bothered by this lockout considerably more than the NFL lockout, and I think that it’s because I know that the NFL will get its sh*t together very soon and start operating business as usual. The NBA, though, is in some deep, deep crap. Like I wrote yesterday, the players and owners are $7 billion apart on a new CBA. Does anyone really think that Players Association President Derek Fisher and the NBAPA are going to roll over and give up the anchor-esque mid-level and max contracts that got us to where we are today? Hell no. So buckle up, friends. This thing is gonna get nasty.
In the meantime, as I love to do, I perused the Twitterverse to check up on some of the NBA’s bigger names and… well, there wasn’t as much chatter as I expected. But I pulled some of the better responses to the lockout from last night and this morning in case you missed it.

(Banner image via The Basketball Jones.)
Fun fact: I had to Google “Smh” the other day to figure out what it means. That’s how I know I’m getting old, when I’m not up to date on my Internet shorthand.
This doesn’t seem to be lockout-related, but with Metta World Peace, you never know.
Yeah, I’m sure they won’t talk at all.
Picture Billy Zane saying that for full appreciation.
The biggest pro of this lockout right now is that Gilbert Arenas gets more free time. I can’t love this enough.
Great, glad to see you’re handling the news so well, Lamar. $20 says he doesn’t know.
OK, here comes a theme – the “I need a job” jokes. Look, players, I’m on your side. Any person on this planet, if put in your shoes, would accept those terribly large deals that the dipshit owners and GMs gave you. But we have very little sympathy for millionaire NBA players when they have the option to sign a short-term contract with a European team for a quick 6 figures. Let’s just ease up with the jokes and keep the fan allegiance in tact.
OK, starting now…
Fine, you guys have 24 hours to get all the jokes out of your systems.
I wish someone would write new jokes for Kevin Hart.

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