NBA Players Sure Loved Fashion Week

Senior Writer
09.14.11 11 Comments

If you were a professional NBA player and you made the majority of your income from endorsements or the E! network, but the league that you play in – essentially the reason that you’re even famous – is currently in a strike with the majority of its players scraping together pennies from their last paychecks to make ends meet, would you A) meet with your teammates regularly and offer to help with little things like groceries and rent while the lockout continues, B) step to the forefront of the players union and take a strong stance for the benefit of your peers instead of cowtowing to the owners, or C) say f*ck ’em all and attend Fashion Week in New York City.

You bet your sweet Burberry-scented ass that you’re going to Fashion Week. Just like the NBA’s biggest stars, who instead of being concerned with the possibility of no season, made sure they were up to par on the latest from the top designers like that one guy, and the lady with one name, and that other dude. Me and fashion go together like Eddy Curry and exercise.

Models and free clothes. I’m so glad to see the NBA’s top faces working hard to end this lockout.

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